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    Oman offers a rare chance to engage with the Arab world without the distorting lens of excessive wealth. Oman’s low-rise towns retain their traditional charms and Bedouin values remain at the heart of an Omani welcome. Omanis have a rich heritage and embracing society, a pride in an ancient, frankincense trading past and confidence in a highly educated future.

    Marble and Limestone Mining Industry in Oman

    Oman has significant deposits of gypsum, limestone, marble, laterite, chromite and kaolin, and the mining and mineral sector has experienced robust growth over the past decades. Al Milad carries a proud legacy with Omani Limestone and marble with our founder Mr. Rajiv Shrivastva being one the key people involved in its discovery. Today Oman is one of largest marble/limestone producers in the world producing over 160,000 sqft of Limestone/Marble Tiles and Slabs a day with state of the art Italian Machinery.

    Appearance of Omani Marble and Limestone

    Omani marble and limestone is a material of choice amongst consultants in Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai. It has low variation takes good polish and looks aesthetically pleasing in honed, bush hammered and brushed finishes (see more finishes).

    Marble/Limestone Strength

    Forged in the Al Hajjar Mountains Omani Limestone is hard and tough combined with the traditional ruggedness and character one would expect from a limestone. Omani Limestone is one of the least porous due to its high density. In terms of technical properties it is superior to similar colored limestone and marble such as Crema Marfil from Spain or Botticino Classico from Italy. Limestone tiles are commonly use in floor tiles, bathroom tiles and Benchtop/Countertop.

    Limestone/Marble Tile Sizes and Thickness of Slabs

    In this region we like our natural stone to be of larger thickness than in the western world. Our production costs are low and 2cm thick (0.78 inch thick) can price competitively relative to 1cm tile (0.39 inch).

    Our Standard productions are:

      • 2cm/0.78inch thick and 3cm/ 1.811 thick Gangsaw limestone Slabs
      • 60cmx60cm wide X 2 cm thick (23.622 inches x 23.622 inches wide by 0.78 inches thick) limestone Tile
      • We produce 60cmx30cm wide X 2 cm thick (23.622 inches x 11.81 inches wide by 0.78 inches thick) Limestone Tile
      • We can cut to size 0.78 inch limestone Tile as required.