Desert Beige Marble is a competitively priced attractive Beige Marble at approximately 50% of the equivalent . Desert Beige combines very well with the traditional beige complements such as Dark Emperador, Indian Green and Rose Alicante resulting in a cost effective alternative to . In addition to being reasonably priced Desert Beige has aesthetically pleasing properties, high compressive strength, good polish, finish and low water absorption.


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Primary Color(s): Beige
Other Industry Names(AKA): Desert Beige, Oman beige, Desert pearl, Diamond beige
Stone Type: Marble
Country: Oman
Quarry Location: Ibri
Available Finished: Polished, Unpolished, Sandblast, Honed, Bush hammered, Brushed
Variations: Low

Desert Beige SLAB
2cm/3cm Desert Beige Gangsaw Slab

Desert Beige Tiles

Desert Beige Steps & Riser

   Steps                            Riser
100X33X3cm         100X15X2cm
110X33X3cm         110X15X2cm
120X33X3cm         120X15X2cm
130X33X3cm         130X15X2cm
140X33X3cm         140X15X2cm
150X33X3cm         150X15X2cm
160X33X3cm         160X15X2cm

Desert Beige Cladding Tiles

Technical SpecificationsMetricTest type (Dry/wet)ASTM
Absorption by Weight, %0.64N/AC97/97M-09
Bulk Specific Gravity2.639N/AC97/97M-09
Saturation Coefficient1.00N/ABRE141
Compression Strength (MPa)145DryC170-09
Compression Strength (MPa)138WetC170-09
Modulus of Rupture10.00DryC99/C99m-09
Modulus of Rupture9.3WetC99/C99m-09
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)11.6DryC880/C880m-09
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)10.6WetC880/C880m-09
Our Desert Beige Factory/Quarry

Today we produce over 5 million square meters a year making us the single largest marble production facility in the world. Our marble is produced in Ibri Oman using state- of-the-art quarrying and factory equipment. The production facility is both ISO 14001 and 9001 certified. The factory has the latest gang saws, block cutting machines, tiles and slabs polishing lines and a fully automated resin filling plant to ensure complete water proof and high gloss.

Our Desert Beige Supply Capability

We can supply marble of high quality consistently within the range of approved samples for small and large building projects. We work closely with the factory in implementing a stringent quality control and quality assurance program at the quarry and factory. We have a stock yard in the Industrial Area No,11 at Sharjah, UAE where we hold large quantities of ready stocks of Desert Beige in polished slabs,tiles, steps and risers.

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