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Bardiglio Imperiale

The appearance of Bardiglio Cappella is undoubtedly singular and fascinating, evoking images of laser beams that cut the cosmic darkness. Clearly standing out from a dark gray ground, variable in intensity, are luminous stretches of line interrupted by tiny, sudden burst of white light. The gray ground and white lights run straight, with certainty, giving the material not only a well-defined pattern but also a feeling of depth that accentuates its movement.

Room Scene

Primary Color(s): Grey
Other Industry Names(AKA): Bardiglio Imperial, Imperial Bardiglio, Gray Bardiglio,Grey Bardilla, Bardiglietto Massa, Bardiglietto Chiaro, Carrara Bardiglietto, Bardiglio Imperiale Marble.
Stone Type: Marble
Country: Italy
Quarry Location: Italy
Available Finished: Polished, Unpolished, Honed
Variations: Medium

Bardiglio Imperiale Marble SLAB
2cm/3cm Bardiglio Imperiale Marble Gangsaw Slab

Bardiglio Imperiale Marble Tiles

Technical SpecificationsMetric
Bulk Density2800kg/m3
Absorption Coefficient0,12%wt
Compressive Strength1353,00 kg/cm2
Frictional war test:0,31mm

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