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Bianco Lasa Marble

Bianco Lasa Marble is a Italian white marble with medium variations in shades of gray and white. It is available in tiles and recommended for countertops, walls, and flooring. Bianco Lasa Marble is characteristically homogenous, with a white to grey ground color, shining grains and smoky grey veins, which run thought the stone rather unregularly. The different quality of this marble depends on its ground colour. The veined types of Lasa Marble include bands of quartz and mica, traces of sulfur, magnesium, strontium, titanium, silicon, gold, silver and platinum, as well as extremely small amounts of uranium and thorium.

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Primary Color(s): White
Other Industry Names(AKA): Bianco Lasa,
Stone Type: Marble
Country: Italy
Quarry Location:
Available Finished: Polished
Variations: Low

Bianco Lasa SLAB
2cm Bianco Lasa Gangsaw Slab

Technical SpecificationsUNI ENMetric
Water Absorption13755:20020,1%
Compression Strength1926:2000RM = 89Mpa
Flexural Stength12372:2001Rtfm = 14,6 MPa

Bianco Lasa/Covelano, from the Alps of Val Venosta, is one of the most valuable marbles in the world.

Experts appreciate its uniform appearance and its characteristic translucent white background colour with light shading and excellent workability: it can be mirror-polished to perfection in order to emphasise the specific properties of brilliance, colour range and transparency.

Its remarkable hardness makes it suitable for numerous uses.

The “Fantastico” type of Bianco Lasa/Covelano gives architecture a more natural look and enriches the surrounding space.

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