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The Fair Market Price of Marble


My customers often ask me what are the factors that affect the price of marble. I will provide a little bit about price theory and then get right with the factors that affect marble pricing.

A naturally occurring mineral is that we all know about is gold. Like marble it is extracted from the Earth. If you would like to know its current price all you would need to do is look it up on on an exchange like the Dubai Commodities Exchange.

When going into a retail store to buy gold for your personal use you would have an idea of what it should be priced at if you had researched prior. Commodities like Gold, Iron Ore, etc that trade on an exchange are transparently priced.

Marble is a natural occurring commodity and is extracted from the in a somewhat similar manner to Gold. However each quarry of Marble may be slightly different in chemical composition and its appearance may vary considerably from one source to another. In fact there are probably well over 1000 different kinds of marble. Since is something that is used to enhance the appearance of a house, hotel, office etc the way it looks fundamentally affects the way its priced. There is no price transparency. Stone/Marble professionals develop experience over time and can guide you regarding pricing. However I recommend you do your own research before visiting a stone professional.

Lets do a practical exercise on marble price discovery. A quick search on the web of the famous (shown below a picture of polished slabs)


will give you a range of prices on the internet will give you a range of prices from USD 10 a square meter to USD 1000 a square meter.

Keeping in mind the general factors that affect the price of marble are:

Consistency – One color shade across a Slab(both images are from Marble Slabs)

Quality of finish/polish

This slab of has multi shades and should not command a premium. The deep red is the most attractive part of the marble and had this been maintained throughout the slab it would be considered premium grade. I would suggest looking around 2-3 stone dealers in and comparing their price relative to the above guidelines.

Please see an image of a beige marble from Oman()


The colour of this Omani slab is homogenous and it is pleasant to look at. These slabs are considered premium material except for a “water mark” on the top left hand side. However marble is a naturally occurring material a small flaw like this this is normally overlooked.

I hope this has shed some light on marble . Please don’t hesitate to reach out for further questions. Feel free to visit our stockyards in Industrial Area 11, Street No. 18, Yard No. 14, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to find out more.