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Crema Pearl Marble

Crema Pearl Marble is a competitively priced attractive Beige Marble at approximately 50% of the equivalent Spanish marble. Crema Pearl combines very well with the traditional beige complements such as Dark Emperador, Indian Green and Rose Alicante resulting in a cost effective alternative to Crema Marifil. In addition to being reasonably priced Crema Pearl has aesthetically pleasing properties, high compressive strength, good polish, finish and low water absorption.

Primary Color(s): Beige
Other Industry Names(AKA): Dark Beige, Oman beige, Desert pearl, Diamond Dark beige
Stone Type: Marble
Country: Oman
Quarry Location: Ibri
Available Finished: Polished, Unpolished, Sandblast, Honed, Bush hammered, Brushed
Variations: Low

Crema Pearl SLAB
2cm/3cm Crema Pearl Gangsaw Slab

Crema Pearl Tiles

Crema Pearl Steps & Riser
Steps                       Riser
100X33X3cm         100X15X2cm
110X33X3cm         110X15X2cm
120X33X3cm         120X15X2cm
130X33X3cm         130X15X2cm
140X33X3cm         140X15X2cm
150X33X3cm         150X15X2cm
160X33X3cm         160X15X2cm

Crema Pearl Cladding Tiles

Technical SpecificationsMetricTest type (Dry/wet)ASTM
Absorption by Weight, %0.64N/AC97/97M-09
Bulk Specific Gravity2.639N/AC97/97M-09
Saturation Coefficient1.00N/ABRE141
Compression Strength (MPa)145DryC170-09
Compression Strength (MPa)138WetC170-09
Modulus of Rupture10.00DryC99/C99m-09
Modulus of Rupture9.3WetC99/C99m-09
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)11.6DryC880/C880m-09
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)10.6WetC880/C880m-09