Red Alicante marble

Red Alicante marble from Spain has a reddish background with white veins. It is available in both tiles and slabs and recommended for interior use in both residential and commercial property applications including floors, walls and countertops. Red Alicante is a red marble color limestone material, fine-grained that show white veins irregulary scattered. Our stones products are of the highest quality, consistency and beauty selection makes Red Alicante one of the best stone suitable for all kind of ornamental projects. Red Alicante marble admits any suface finish and it can be delivered in different formats.


Room Scene

Primary Color(s) : Red
Other Industry Names(AKA) : Rojo Alicante, Rose Alicante
Stone Type : Marble
Country : Spain
Quarry Location: Novelda
Available Finishes: Tumbled, Polished
Variations: High

Red Alicante Marble TILE

60X60X2cm Red Alicante Polished Tiles
60X30X2cm Red Alicante Polished Tiles

Red Alicante SLAB

2cm Red Alicante Gangsaw Slab
3cm Red Alicante Gangsaw Slab

Technical SpecificationsMetricTest type (Dry/wet)ASTM
Absorption by Weight, %0.27N/AC97-02
Bulk Specific Gravity2660 kg/m3N/AC97-02
Compression Strength (MPa)208DryC170-06
Compression Strength (MPa)184WetC170-06
Modulus of Rupture (MPa)10.30DryC99-87
Modulus of Rupture (MPa)10.2WetC99-87
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)8.0DryC880-06
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa)7.9WetC880-06

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