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Mr. Sajiv Shrivastva

Mr. Sajiv Shrivastva

Sajiv Shrivastva grew up in Dubai. As a result of growing up in Dubai’s dynamic multi cultural environment he is deeply committed to breaking down cultural barriers and fosters cross cultural collaboration in his social and professional life.

Sajiv attended Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, USA where he studied Computer Science and Information Systems. CMU’s interdisciplinary approach to problem solving has fascinated him ever since this has shaped his world view. CMU has taught him not to be intimidated by domainal constraints. He finds it fascinating that Speech Recognition and Financial Engineering can share the same complex math and feels privileged to have worked in both fields over his career.

After graduated from CMU Sajiv was recruited by J.P Morgan in New York where he was a risk manager in Fixed Income Derivatives from 2003 to 2013. He believes that Sales and Trading environment at Investment Banks is the closest thing he has experienced to a meritocracy. JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon has had a lasting impact on him and he strives to have his attributes as a leader.

Sajiv joined his family business Al Milad; a UAE based Natural Stone Distributor with exclusive rights to distribute Omani Beige Marble. He has expanded his business from a business that only stocked and sold Omani Beige to one that now stocks a range of Greek, Spanish and Italian Marble.
He has capitalized on Al Milad’s traditional Omani Beige Marble strength. The quarry can produce over 10,000 SQM a day. After Sajiv joined Al MIlad regularly exports to India, China, Vietnam, Kuwait , Ukraine, Australia and Saudi Arabia. This has allowed the business to better weather local economic and fashion cycles.

He is also enhanced Al Milad’s digital presence by:

-Bringing all its stock online in real time
-Published better quality of technical data; assisting the specification process
-Publishing BIM/Revit models

Sajiv has developed outreach programs to local Architects and Designers where Al Milad is the only authorized provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU or CPD) in Natural Stone outside of the USA. He has taught over 500 local architects and designers in the UAE and is a regular speaker at the Middle East Stone Show. He is also passionate about teaching young architects and designers about how to specify Natural Stone and has taught classes at the American University of Dubai.

Sajiv looks forward to connecting with people from any field and sharing best practices.