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Artistic Design of Italian White Marble

Bianco Carrara is a Classic White Italian marble with medium variations in shades of gray and white. It is available in tiles and recommended for countertops, walls, and flooring. Bianco Carrara is characteristically homogeneous, with a white to grey ground color, shining grains and smoky grey veins, which run thought the stone rather un-regularly. The different quality of this white marble depends on its ground colour; basically, we distinguish between these two marble types: Bianco Carrara C (lighter ground colour) and Bianco di Carrara CD (darker ground colour). Bianco Gioia and Bianco Venato Gioia are closely linked to the carrara family but have a whiter background with heavier veining. You can have a book matching of it”

Our stone professional are available to answer any question you may have about carrara marble and could also arrange a viewing of slabs at our Sharjah stock yard. Samples can be delivered on request